“Natural multifunctional facial cleansers”

Cleansing the skin is a key part of facial care and essential to ensure the subsequently applied products absorb properly.

Throughout the day, and also during the night, dirt, toxins, impurities, excess sebum and countless pore-blocking substances accumulate on the skin, causing a dull tone and accelerated aging. It’s therefore important to follow a proper facial cleansing routine every morning and evening and to choose a cleanser that suits your skin’s needs.

Discover CASMARA’s range of multifunctional facial cleansers, which remove makeup, cleanse and tone the skin in a single step for deep yet gentle cleansing.

CLEANSER COLLECTION is a complete range featuring three unique formulas with fluid textures for every skin type and need (all skin types, sensitive skin and combination and/or oily skin). Their multifunctional formulas are perfect for quick and easy facial cleansing at home!

Clean skin, beautiful skin!

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