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Since hydrated skin is the foundation of beauty, all skin types will appreciate this rehydrating and purifying set for a lasting fresh and radiant complexion.

Everything you need to cleanse and hydrate your skin.

Microencapsulated oxygen for purified skin. A light, melting texture for younger #NoFilter skin.

Thanks to the double dose of oxygen and hydration, you’ll get healthy, hydrated, protected, purified skin with a radiant glow.

What does this pack contain?

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Deep Cleanser: Silky-textured multifunctional facial cleansing gel for deep yet gentle cleansing.

HYDRO Oxygenating Cream: An extra dose of moisture in a light texture for normal to combination skin types wanting hydration while keeping impurities at bay.

Casmara Cleansing Disc: Its velvety texture pampers and respects your skin for precise yet gentle cleansing.

Who is this for?

Normal and mixed skin. Unisex formula. Specially matted, dull, asphyxiated skin. Even oily skins.


Stimulates natural cellular respiration.

Carries micro-capsulated oxygen directly to the cells.


The activity of the cells that receive oxygen triples and cell division is increased by 20%. Your skin becomes oxygenated and purified.