A long-lasting effect body moisturizing cream for all skin types, including atopic, sensitive, dehydrated and/or dry skin. A long-lasting deep repair and intense hydration.

A formula made with CARROT OIL, with a high quantity of beta carotene, a precursor of Vitamin A; and UREA, a moisturizing active ingredient which hydrates even the deepest layers.

Vitamin A stimulates cell growth and extends fibroblast viability, which achieves deep skin repair. It also prevents the action of free radicals and fights oxidative stress, preventing photo-aging. At the same time, UREA deeply moisturizes and stimulates cell regeneration, providing soft and smooth skin.

An extraordinary combination of active ingredients which, in addition to restoring and moisturizing the skin, protects it from sun damage, hyperpigmentation (dark spots), and prolongs a tan, helping to achieve an even golden tone for perfect skin.

The result: deeply repaired, intensely moisturized and protected skin.

CASMARA body moisturizing cream prevents dryness thanks to its long-lasting technology which maintains constant hydration for 24 hours.

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