Clarifying and lightening.

A personalized CLARIFYING AND LIGHTENING anti-aging facial treatment in single-dose phases together with the benefits of NÁCAR MASK 2085. Corrects dark spots and prevents their appearance while providing an intense anti-aging care.

Formulated with exfoliating and renewing active ingredients, anti-melanogenesis and depigmenting active ingredients, and anti-aging and restoring active ingredients. A unique formula for radiant skin, surrounded by a beautiful halo of light.


Who is this for?

Suitable for all skin types. Especially formulated for skin with dark spots, dull or uneven tone, wanting to combat the signs of aging.


Eliminates the surface layer of blemishes by lightening them, while at the same time accelerating the skin’s renewal, improving its overall appearance.

Substantially reduces additional deposits of melanin on the hyperpigmented area, preventing them from deepening and new blemishes from appearing.

Slows down aging and repairs damage caused by external factors at the cellular level. A unique formula so that skin is radiant, covered in a beautiful glow.


Blurred or removed stains.

Uniform tone.

Skin renewed, perfect.

Radiant face.

Active ingredients

NEXT GENERATION PEEL COMPLEX: an exfoliating and renewing active ingredient made with gentle yet highly effective powerful exfoliating acids.

OCTADECENEDIOIC ACID: an anti-dark spot and lightening active ingredient. Clarifies dark spots and hyperpigmented areas and lightens the face.

NIACINAMIDE: a depigmenting and restoring active ingredient. Prevents melanin synthesis. Repairs the damage caused by environmental factors and helps to prevent aging skin.

STOP SMS AGING: an anti-aging active ingredient derived from wild Asparagopsis Armata alga which combats cellular aging.