Revitalizing Anti-Aging Box

With bioavailable vitamins (A+C+E) and minerals

Ultra-revitalizing power for your skin.

Discover Vitamin C Shot Limited Edition, an exclusive, luxurious set containing our iconic Luxury line, which has undergone a makeover and is changing its name to Sensations, just like the treatment.

Vitamin C Shot contains the exceptional serum and moisturizing cream from one of CASMARA’s most iconic lines, with powerful revitalizing and anti-aging actions. It’s the ultimate ally for radiant skin thanks to its combination of bioavailable vitamins (A+C+E), minerals and the most advanced technology, the VITAMIN PEPTIDE SYSTEM. This biotechnological release system enhances the efficacy of the vitamins for truly unique results, comparable to a virtual vitamin mesotherapy treatment.

What’s inside?

Sensations vitamin shot (50ml). An exquisite, potent revitalizing serum with a burst of high-penetration bioavailable vitamins (A+C+E). This exclusive, concentrated vitamin serum has a powerful revitalizing action that provides a shot of vitality at cell level to combat photoaging.

Sensations hydro (50ml). A hydro-revitalizing cream in a unique texture combining the richness of a cream and the freshness of a gel. Its powerful anti-aging formula intensely revitalizes the skin, providing radiance, plumpness and vitality for a glowing, protected complexion.


Who is this for?

All skin types. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Especially formulated to treat dull and devitalized skin, and skin lacking radiance and requiring an immediate vitality boost. Recommended even for sensitive skin.


ANTI-PHOTOAGING. Intense antioxidant effect. Protects the skin against the passage of time.

INTENSIVE REVITALIZING. Shot of vitality to the cells.

REHYDRATING. Double hydrating effect. Maintains optimal skin hydration levels.


Smoothed wrinkles and expression lines.

Intensely rehydrated skin with a healthy, radiant appearance.

Intensely revitalized complexion that’s full of life.

Active ingredients

BIOAVAILABLE VITAMIN COMPLEX (A+C+E): Complex with an intense revitalizing and anti-aging action. Its ultra-revitalizing effect is due to its vitamin-rich formula. These vitamins act synergistically to form a powerful protective system against free radical damage and the passage of time, while repairing visible skin damage as a result of photoaging.

7 TRACE ELEMENTS AND MINERALS: Advanced multi-effect regenerating, antioxidant, firming and moisturizing active ingredient made with the most essential elements for good skin health: calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, iron and potassium.