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Limited-edition premium pack containing the exclusive Q10 Rescue cream, a Gua Sha massager, and a “One Shot” edition of Gold Eye Patches. The ideal pack for the most detail-oriented consumers.

This limited-edition box combines the smart multi-action cosmetic care of the Q10 Recovery moisturiser with 5 pairs of rejuvenating gold hydrogel patches, formulated with collagen and hyaluronic acid, which are enhanced by the Gua Sha natural stone massager, the perfect facial tool to massage the face and maximize product absorption, achieving softer and more toned skin. A unique combination that acts as a true “absolute recovery” for the skin, restoring the youth and comfort lost over time.

What’s inside?

Q10 Rescue Cream: ultra-nourishing recovery cream. Mature skin. Q10 RESCUE intensive nutricream acts as a true “absolute recovery” for the skin, restoring the youth and comfort lost over time.

Gold Eye Patches: rejuvenating hydrogel patches formulated with collagen and hyaluronic acid.

GuaSha Massager: natural stone massager inspired by traditional Chinese medicine that enhances the absorption of the cosmetic applied to the skin as well as firms and tones the face.

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Who is this for?

Very mature skin.


RESTORATIVE: restores optimal skin function, typical of younger skin. ENERGIZING: delivers a high boost of energy to the skin. REBALANCING: regulates imbalances in very mature skin. NOURISHING: provides the nutrients required for perfect skin condition, restoring an intense feeling of comfort and ease. REJUVENATING: acts on all signs of aging, with a remarkable restructuring effect that deeply combats flaccidity, as well as very pronounced wrinkles by reducing them in depth and quantity.


Deeply nourished and plump skin with an intense feeling of comfort. Softened wrinkles and even tone. Comfortable, visibly firmer, and suppler skin. Radiant, revitalized complexion. Skin youth levels are restored. Visibly younger-looking skin.